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  1. added Rock Art mapping; fixed Site/monument mapping (commit: 9565265) (details / Gitea)
  2. Aggiungi 'dnet-ariadneplus/src/main/resources/es/' (commit: 538be9e) (details / Gitea)
  3. Aggiornare 'dnet-ariadneplus/src/main/resources/es/' (commit: 060f7f8) (details / Gitea)
  4. Aggiornare 'dnet-ariadneplus/src/main/resources/es/' (commit: 472ee27) (details / Gitea)
  5. added default values for has_temporal_coverage and has_spatial_coverage (commit: a14c66f) (details / Gitea)
  6. added missing prefix (commit: b26351d) (details / Gitea)
  7. added missing prefix to 1093 sparql insert (commit: d183b92) (details / Gitea)
  8. added uppercase on periodO skos:altLabel to successful match (commit: fa1e888) (details / Gitea)
  9. fix for periodO match (commit: 26c5714) (details / Gitea)
  10. new collector plugin (xmlsFolder) based on ads one,  adding a new parameter which represents the list of namespaces that has to be added to the generated xml record during collection step (commit: 290259f) (details / Gitea)

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