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Build #56 (Jan 29, 2021 5:17:46 PM)

  1. sparql queries for fasti and niam (commit: 8e59387) (details / Gitea)
  2. amcr queries for arup datasource (commit: e990541) (details / Gitea)
  3. sparql insert for NIAM (commit: fbe8af2) (details / Gitea)
  4. fix year date parsing (commit: a7a1a46) (details / Gitea)
  5. enrichment for FASTI (commit: 2fc7f4e) (details / Gitea)
  6. enrichment for ZRC Arkas and its collection, fix for Fasti (commit: a1843bd) (details / Gitea)
  7. mapping loaded only once now (commit: 5a68ab0) (details / Gitea)

Started by user Enrico Ottonello

Revision: 5a68ab07b9d664f9c4bad6d27c10a2da0825e869
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