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Build #85 (Dec 3, 2021 9:31:50 AM)

  1. updated deployment spec for the aggregation workflows on PROD (details)
  2. added deployment spec for the resolution workflow on PROD (details)
  1. Datacite: Code Refactor generated a general SparkApplication Scala where all the spark scala have to inherit (details)
  2. add test resources (details)
  3. remove working dir after test (details)
  4. [DOIBOOST Process] fix filtering to filter results with non null id (details)
  5. minor fix (details)
  6. Sprint 4 (details)
  7. added sprint3,4, removed 2, chaos (details)
  8. Sprint 4 (details)
  9. Added indi_funder_country_collab (details)
  10. code formatting (details)
  11. [resolution wf] added optional parameter to skip the entity resolution (details)
  12. added test to verify the relation inverse lookup operation (details)
  13. code formatting (details)
  14. [cleaning wf] fixed OAF record navigation, a mapping defined on a container object would have prevented the natvigation to continue on its properties (details)
  15. minor: fixed hive action name (details)
  16. added stats computation on the graph hive DB tables (details)
  17. implemented Instance serialization features requested in (details)
  18. avoid to filter OAF records defined as invisible = true (details)

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